What are the most important features of a refrigerator?

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Certainly, one of the most important kitchen appliances is the refrigerator. Considering the features, motor, and dimensions is crucial when purchasing a refrigerator. Different technologies are used in the design of each refrigerator, and the up-to-datedness of these technologies, or in other words, the features of refrigerators, are very important to meet the needs of each Iranian home and family. In this article, we will examine the features of refrigerators.

1- Dimensions and Capacity of Refrigerators and Refrigerator-Freezers

کلور - تولید کننده لوازم خانگی

One of the most important factors of a refrigerator is its dimensions. It’s crucial for the refrigerator to fit in a suitable space in the kitchen and create an environment with a beautiful design and appearance. Refrigerators can be categorized into compact refrigerators, side-by-side, and double-door models.

Additionally, the number of family members is also important when choosing the dimensions of the refrigerator.

Clever Combi refrigerator-freezer, the Rosso Series 70, not only features an attractive and minimal design but also has dimensions suitable for kitchens that may not have space for side-by-side or double-door refrigerators. These refrigerators incorporate the latest technologies, such as the twin cooling system and Home Bar, along with an energy-efficient inverter compressor.

Width Height Depth
700 2000 740




If you have a larger family or a lifestyle that involves cooking at home most of the time, a larger refrigerator-freezer is more suitable. These refrigerators have a larger capacity. For example, the Glori Plus refrigerator-freezer model has the following dimensions.

Width Height Depth
640 1800 1200




2- Energy Consumption of Refrigerators and Refrigerator-Freezers

Energy consumption is one of the most critical factors, as low energy consumption is dependent on the optimal performance of various factors. In Clever refrigerators, the presence of an energy-efficient inverter compressor, the use of R600 gas, BLDC fan motor, and design with advanced technology have led to an A+ energy efficiency rating in refrigerators.

3- Air Circulation and Filtration

کلور - تولید کننده لوازم خانگی

If air circulation is not present in the refrigerator, food items tend to lose their freshness quickly. The presence of an air circulation system extends the shelf life of food items. Additionally, the filtration system ensures that food items do not retain each other’s odors, preserving their individual flavors and aromas.

4- Body Material

The external panels of Clever refrigerators are color-coated and self-colored. Self-colored sheets are resistant to color fading over time. In Clever refrigerator freezers, self-colored sheets in a corrosion-resistant design are utilized, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and long-term durability.

5- Motor and Compressor

The compressor is a critical component of any refrigerator freezers. One of the best types of compressors is the inverter compressor, known for its longer lifespan and lower noise levels. Additionally, inverter compressors are more energy-efficient, a feature employed in Clever refrigerator-freezers. These compressors adjust the motor speed based on demand, contributing to energy savings.

6- Features and Capabilities

The selection of a refrigerator-freezer is significantly influenced by its features and capabilities. These features demonstrate the appliance’s technological advancements. Below are some features of the Clever Rosso 70 series refrigerator-freezer:

– Multiple Air Circulation System: Ensures freshness and longevity of food items.

– Chiller Compartment: Maintains a temperature just above freezing, keeping food semi-frozen.

– Carbon Filter: Prevents food odors from mixing.

– No Frost System: Prevents the formation of frost, enhancing convenience.

These features represent the basic criteria for choosing a refrigerator-freezer, and considering warranty and product support is also essential in the purchasing decision.

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