With the aim of improving the quality level of Iranian goods by producing all kinds of household appliances to compete with other countries in the world, Clever Company entered the field of production in 2014 in Khayam Industrial Town, Neyshabur City and it mass produced its household refrigerator and freezer products in 2015. After that, in 2020 it expanded with the development plan and the construction of numerous halls. Clever’s growth path will continue in 2023 with the construction of new halls at the factory site as well as the construction of the second phase at Tous Industrial Town in Mashhad.


A future mixed with technology that serves people.

A technology that we ourselves are and will be the creators of.

To create, one must have big ideas and boldness beyond expectation.


In the path of moral evaluation, low quality has no place in Clever.

Our mission is to step forward with all our strength in order to improve the quality level of Iranian goods.

Building a better world and finding ways that bring us closer to this goal.