Note that it is necessary to ventilate the water cooler before using it. In order to vent the water cooler valve, fill the tank to half and then push the movable valve until the water comes out of the small holes around the valve.

Similar to what is seen in foreign products, the design of the product is such that the water coming out of the pedal is not too cold because it is not approved in terms of medical standards.

It should also be noted that when the cold water comes out of the storage tank installed behind the fruit stand, the same amount of residential water replaces it, and it is normal that the temperature of the replaced water is higher until it cools down again.

The energy consumption grade of all Clever products is A+.

The lock that appears on the screen is related to the screen buttons and has nothing to do with the product door.

Considering that the temperature of the chiller compartment reaches -1, it is not a suitable place to store fruits and vegetables. This part is for keeping bread and protein materials for a short time.

This sign indicates that the product is in the exhibition state, and to remove the product from this state, it is enough to press the three ECO – WATER – ICE buttons in the 70 width products and the three SUPER – ALARM – WATER/ICE buttons in the 60 width products. Touch simultaneously for three seconds. In the exhibition state, the fan and compressor have no function and only the display and LED remain on.

Yes, in 70 width products and Glory model in 60 width products that does not have a home bar.

But in Glory Plus and Russo Plus products, because the water cooler is located on the freezer door, and the micro switch and LED of the water cooler are connected to the refrigerator board using two wires on top of the freezer cabin, if two products are installed separately, you won’t be able to use the water cooler.

Because inside and behind the device, fan and propeller are circulating, therefore it is normal to hear the sound of the fan propeller. It should also be noted that the sound level of Clever products is approved by the standards department. (The sound level is 35 dB)

No, but it can be bought from Clever brand shops.

15- Why are the handles of the 70-width pigeon pair fridge freezers not aligned and they are located at the top and bottom of each other?

The monitir is smart and provides you the features such as error display when any part of the product fails, activation of fast cooling for refrigerators and freezers, activation of optimal energy consumption when you are traveling, display of the filter replacement warning and the possibility of resetting the warning after replacing the filter, the operation of the compressor, fan and defroster.

Due to the presence of a condenser and a heater pipe, which is built into the product to prevent sweating in the cabin wall and better absorption of the gasket tape, the outer wall of the cabin and around the door of the home bar are heated during the operation of the compressor.

No, the warranty only includes product repair and pieces replacement.

Products within 70 width have a 30-month warranty.

In 60 width products, the warranty period is 36 months. It should be noted that the warranty period of inverter compressor used in these products is 60 months.

For all the pieces used in Clever products, a 123-month warranty for the supply of pieces is considered